Born in 1950, the artist now lives in Tuscany. In 1974 he graduated in architecture in Florence where he met Pietro Annigoni, painter. From 1985 to 1988 he worked at his studio in Portofino, it was during this time that his activity as painter gained significant success.

On various occasions he has worked in the United States, France, Switzerland and Great Britain. Since 1985 his paintings have been assigned, through Christie's auction in New York, to the American-Italian Foundation for Cancer Research.

As a figurative painter, he executes portraits on commission and he also paints nudes, landscapes, horses and still-life, including abstract studies. He paints from life or from video clips and photograps which he makes himself.

He paints in oils and in water-colour, he uses pastels, Indian ink on canvas, paper and wood panels. Dimensions: from samll sketches (20x30 cm.) to canvases for life-size figures (200x120 cm.); moreover, he sets up polyptycs for broader representations. He also works on walls: sinopia and water-colour paintings. He also models clay and wax to create terracottas and bronzes, with the technical support of renowned foundries. He has created illustrations and advertisings material.

His works have been published by International magazines such as AD (Architectural Digest - U.S.A.), Expression (American Express Magazine) and other Italian magazines.